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PFD Is Offering a Free EMR CT Certification Course - PFD is holding a free Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) class for town residents.

It starts Monday 9/24. It will run Monday and Wednesday nights from 7pm-10pm until the end of November along with Saturday’s 10/13, 10/27, 11/10, 11/24, and 12/1(being the final test date) from 9am-5pm. There is no prerequisite for taking this training course and it is being put on by PFD at no charge to any town resident that would like to take it.

The program will result in the person being certified as an CT EMR (Emergency Medical Responder). Upon certification you will be able to join the department as a medical responder, but joining the department is not mandatory. The goal is to train as many town residents in advanced first aid as possible. If you would like to sign up or get more info please contact the fire department between 10a-3p M-F.

Firefighter Hall of Fame Induction – On April 11th, Former Chief Robert Chatfield also known as “Mayor Bob” was inducted into the CT Firefighters Hall of Fame at a ceremony at the Aqua Turf in Southington, CT. Chatfield was nominated and accepted into the hall for his long service and exceptional and continued service on the Prospect Fire Department over the past 36 years. Chatfield has held every position on the department at one time and was the longest serving Assistant Chief. Chatfield also has several life saving awards along with other meritorious service awards issued by the department. Chatfield more recently served as the Fire Chief for 8 years before turning the reins over, and he continues to serve on the department as the Day Commander. Chatfield’s long dedication and relentless service while on the Fire Department has earned him the permanent call numbers of “Car 11” usually reserved for the current Chief. Upon Chatfield’s retirement “Car 11” will be retired along with him never to be used again in the department. When you see the Former Chief/Mayor please thank him for his continued service to the community and his recent recognition which is the highest any Fire Fighter can attain within the Fire Service.

Motor Vehicle Fire In May PFD responded to a report of a motor vehicle fire. Upon arrival Fire Officers noted the truck a Nissan Pathfinder fully involved. Engine 1 responded and made a quick knockdown. The vehicle was a total loss. There were no reported injuries.

Lightning Strike In June there were several lightning strikes, one of which caused a fire on Heritage Drive. Note how lightning travels down the tree and burns off the bark in a straight line in the picture attached.

Structure FireIn July PFD responded to a structure fire on Sills Avenue. Arriving units reported a structure fire in progress. Engine 1, Engine 5, Rescue 6,  EMS 1, EMS 2, Utility 1 and Utility 2 responded. Command also requested mutual aid from Bethany to the scene and Cheshire to cover the firehouse during the incident. The fire was brought under control quickly, though there was significant damage to the structure. There were no injuries.

Appliance Fire In July PFD responded to an oven fire reported in the boulder brook complex. Engine 1 and EMS 1 responded. Upon arrival fire officers noted smoke showing from the structure. The fire was contained in the stove and was the result of the oven accidentally being out into clean mode with food in it. The home was ventilated and there was no damage reported.

Electrical FireIn August PFD responded to an Electrical Fire on Cooke Rd. Engine 5 and Engine 1 along with EMS 1 and 2 responded. The resulting fire caused damage to the outside of the home and was contained prior to spreading.

2012 Officer Elections - Congratulations to the newly elected 2012 officers: Line Officers: Captain (Days) John Vance, Captain (Nights) Robert Harvey, Lieutenant. (Days) 1st- Steven Lavaway, 2nd-Raymond Donnelly. Lieutenant (Nights) 1st-Michael Gilbert, 2nd-Nathanael Paragallo, 3rd-James Simpson, EMS Officer-P.J. Conway, Training Officer-Michael Gilbert, Safety Officer-Mark DeBiase, Motor Officer Robert Scanlon

2012 Chief Officer Elections – Congratulations to newly elected Chief Jason Kolodziej and Assistant Chief William Lauber. Both Chiefs were elected at the most recent Chief election meeting in December. All members are looking forward to working with the new Chief Officers throughout 2012.

New Engine 1 – New Engine 1 has arrived. Engine 1 was put into service and has already responded to several fires including 2 structure fires and several car and small container fires. In all cases the truck performed better than expected, including the use of the new foam system which helped extinguish the fires quicker and with less water due to the foam system on this new Engine.

Recent Fires – Recently PFD responded to several fires including a Chimney Fire, several structure fires during the snowstorm and a truck fire.

Fire Prevention Week – Fire Prevention week is October 10-14th. The PFD will be visiting the schools for demonstrations and education on October 10th. Open House and Trophies will also be presented at the firehouse on Oct 13th at 7pm.

Firefighter II Training – Recently several members of PFD went to the CT Fire Academy for their “live burn” training. PFD would like to wish them good luck in their certification tests and would like to thank all the members going for the advanced training which is on their own time and which also takes time from their families for the 4 months they are in the training. Thank you for your service to the community.

Hurricane Irene / Fatal Structure Fire – In the early morning hours at the height of Hurricane Irene, PFD received a call for a structure fire on Clark Hill Road. Upon arrival Fire Officers reported heavy flames showing from the structure with occupants trapped. All available apparatus (Engine 5, Squad 3, Rescue 6, EMS 1 and 2, Utility 1 and FM 1 and 2) responded to the fire and Cheshire and Bethany Fire Departments were called in for mutual aid to cover the firehouse

Chief Marty Lautenschlager Retiring – PFD recently held a retirement party for outgoing Chief Marty Lautenschlager. PFD would like to thank you for all your years of service to the community. Your contributions cannot be measured. Thanks for the memories Chief.

Fill the Boot – Firefighters recently participated in the MDA fill the boot fundraiser to benefit children with muscular dystrophy. Firefighters were out there all day and did a great job raising funds for the community

Memorial Day Parade – PFD participated in the memorial day parade. PFD also held an additional ceremony at the firehouse after the parade.

Memorial Day Kitchen Fire – On Memorial day just minutes before PFD was going to line up for the parade a call came in for a structure fire with children trapped in the structure. Firefighters were at the firehouse and response was very quick, including the first call for the new engine 1. Responding units included Engine 1, Squad 3, Engine 5, EMS 1 and 2, FM1. Upon arrival units discovered a kitchen fire which was quickly extinguished by responding units. All persons had evacuated the structure and there were no injuries.

New Engine 1 Arrives – New Engine 1 has arrived at PFD and was put into service a short time later after receiving all the required equipment. The new engine has state of the art technology including a foam system that holds both Class A and B Foam which will allow firefighters to put out fires quicker and while using less water.

2011 Elections - PFD held its annual election of officers this year with several changes noted to the front line positions. Most notably Former Assistant Chief Bob Chatfield (Mayor Bob) stepped down from a chief role for which he has held for the past 35 years. Car 11 as he is known will continue to serve as Day Commander in the command structure. After elections the current chief Marty Lautenschlager retained his position and Capt. Jason Kolodziej was elected to become the new Assistant Chief of the Department.

In addition to these changes there were several other changes as noted :Captain (Days) John Vance, Captain (Nights) Mark DeBiase, Lieutenant. (Days) 1st-Matt McKeown, 2nd- Steven Lavaway, 3rd-William Blakley. Lieutenant (Nights) 1st-William Lauber, 2nd-Shawn Lajoie, 3rd-Robert Harvey, EMS Officer-P.J. Conway Training Officer, Mike Gilbert Training Officer, Safety Officer Raymond Donnelly, Motor Officer  Robert Scanlon

New Haven St Patty’s Day Parade – PFD members recently went down to New Haven for their annual St. Patty’s day parade. As seen in the pic all those in attendance had their Green attire displayed and represented the department well.

Garage Collapse – In the month of February, PFD responded to several partial structure collapses. Due to the heavy snow loads several structures collapsed or partially collapsed in town.

Firefighters Annual Ball -  On 2/12/2011 PFD held its annual Firefighters Ball at the Crystal Room in Naugatuck, CT.  The ball was a great time for all those that attended.

Bethany Horse Barn Collapse / Mutual Aid – On 2/2/2011 PFD responded to a call from Bethany Fire for assistance in rescuing 14 horses from a barn that had collapsed on them.  10 PFD members responded including The Asst. Chief, 1 Capt, 2 Lieutenants and 7 Firefighters responded with Squad 3, Utility 1, FM1 and Car 10 and assisted in the freeing of all of the horses after approx. 5 hours.

Firefighter Graduation – Recently several firefighters have graduated from Wolcott State Fire School with their Firefighter / Haz-Mat certifications. Seen above (right) are Firefighters Dave Tross and Nadine White Eagle during training, prior to graduation.

Prospect Light Parade – PFD participated in the Prospect Annual Light Parade in town. Several of the apparatus were driven in the parade and members volunteered their time decorating the trucks in lights as seen here.

Structure Fire - Skyline Drive -  On October 10th PFD responded to a reported structure fire. Upon arrival Fire Officers found flames showing. Engine 5 was the first due Engine. Squad 3, Engine 1, Rescue 6, EMS 1, EMS 2 and Utility 1 Responded. Mutual Aid from Bethany was called for assistance at the scene to relieve crews after extended periods of work and Mutual aid from Cheshire and Waterbury Fire Departments were also put in service to cover the PFD Firehouse while crews were at the fire. Several people were home at the time of the blaze, all were able to escape without harm. More pictures

Fire Prevention Week - During the 1st week of October there will be several things going on with PFD during fire department week. PFD will be visiting the schools and their will be an open house on October 7th at 7pm at the Firehouse. PFD hopes to see you there.

2nd Annual Golf Tournament – 2nd Annual PFD Golf Tournament will be held on October 16th. The tournament will be a scramble format and shotgun start. Last year the field was sold out. This year there are more open spots and prizes and it should be an even better time than last year. There will be a hole in one contest, closest to the pin and a putting contest. Sponsorship Opportunities available. Contact Debbie at the Firehouse at 10-3 daily for more details. More info

Structure Fire Mutual Aid – On Sept 11th PFD responded to the Bethany Fire Department to provide station coverage while Bethany was assisting the Seymour Fire Department with the Housatonic Wire Warehouse fire. PFD provided coverage for several hours while a Bethany Firefighters were in Seymour for the fire.

Car Fire Training –On August 30th, PFD Firefighters participated in a car fire drill. This drill came at a good time since PFD has had several car fires recently. Several newer department members were able to practice new skills while veteran firefighters were able to provide guidance and training.

Truck Fire with Exposure – On August 15th PFD responded to a report of a Truck on fire with a house exposure. Upon arrival firefighters encountered a fully engulfed Pickup Truck on fire. The fire was so hot that it melted the siding on 3 sides of the house. Firefighters obtained a quick knockdown and were able to limit the damage to the home to the siding. Engine 5 was the first responding apparatus in addition Squad 3 responded. During the fire an additional Fire Alarm call was dispatched and Squad 3 responded. During the Fire the Cheshire Fire Department provided station coverage at the Prospect Firehouse.

Bernie Wilson Ladies Auxiliary Member Dedication –On August 13th, PFD celebrated Ms. Wilson’s 55 years of service to the Prospect Fire Department and Ladies Auxiliary with a ceremony at the firehouse. The PFD would like to thank you for all that you have done over the years.

Accident with Extrication – On August 13th PFD responded to a report of an accident with extrication needed in front of The Big Dipper. Upon arrival firefighters encountered a serious two car accident. The trapped occupant had self extricated and the occupants with injuries were transported to local hospitals.

Line of Duty Death Bridgeport CT – 11 Prospect Firefighters went to Bridgeport and attended the wake of Firefighters Lt. Steven Velasquez and FF Michel Baik. Both firefighters died while fighting a house fire. The PFD would like to extend its sincere condolences to the families as well as The Bridgeport Fire Department on the loss of their 2 brother firefighters.

MRI Machine Fire – During the overnight hours, PFD Responded to 166 Pond Place for an automatic commercial fire alarm. Upon arrival Fire Officers made entry and observed a significant rolling smoke condition. With Engine 5 in route addition tones were put out and Squad 3, EMS 2, Engine 1 and Tanker 4 responded. During the search firefighters discovered that an MRI machines’ control panel was on fire. Firefighters obtained a quick knockdown using dry chem and limited the fire damage to the control panel. Firefighters spent several hours venting the structure. During the fire The Cheshire Fire Department provided station coverage in the Prospect Firehouse.

Memorial Day 2010 – On the Memorial Day weekend PFD participated in several parades including Prospect’s Parade. During the parade there was also a car accident which PFD responded to on Cheshire Road.

Brush Fire / Mutual Aid – On July 5th PFD responded to a request for Mutual Aid from the Bethany Fire Department. PFD firefighters responded with Engine 1, Brush 7 and Utility 1 to assist in the brush fire which burned for an extended period of time.

“Fill the Boot”  – PFD Firefighters and EMS personnel recently held a “fill the boot” campaign. The day was a big success and the check was presented on live TV by PFD firefighters during the MDA campaign. PFD Personnel raised $7,894.00 during the event. PFD would like to thank all those who volunteered their time as well as those that contributed to the cause helping “Jerry’s Kids”.

Serious Carbon Monoxide Incident Response – In April PFD responded to a residential home in Prospect during the overnight hours. The homeowner reported CO detectors going off, and was instructed to evacuate the home of all occupants. Upon arrival Firefighters tested the home and noted dangerous levels of CO in the home, which if gone unnoticed (continued exposure) could have been fatal for the homeowner and his family. Fortunately there were no injuries as a result of this incident. Please take note of this serious incident and make sure that you have CO detectors in your home. CO is odorless, colorless and tasteless so the only way to detect it is through a CO detector.  

Flower Sale  – PFD would like to thank the Ladies Auxiliary and regular members that assisted in running the flower sale. PFD would also like thank everyone who supported the department by purchasing flowers during the sale.

Line Of Duty Death (Beacon Falls) – The entire PFD department would like to express sincere condolence to the family of Kevin Swan and the Beacon Hose Co. #1. Capt. Swan passed away while responding to a reported structure fire, on March 10th. Swan was a longtime member of the Beacon Falls Fire Department and was a former Assistant Chief of the department.

Community Day Long River Middle School   – PFD members recently participated in a community outreach day at long river middle school. Firefighters provided educational information and showed students what firefighters and fire departments do on a day to day basis. Members answered questions and showed off some equipment which the students were allowed to try out.

Serious Motor Vehicle Accident  – On March 3, 2010 in the morning during a snow storm, PFD responded to a report of a motor vehicle accident over an embankment. Upon arrival Waterbury Fire Department was on scene, as they originally received the call. Both departments secured the vehicle and attended to the victim. There were no major injuries.  (Click Here For More Pics)

2009 Fire and EMS Calls – Over the past year PFD Firefighters / EMS Personnel responded to a total of 814 calls. 228 were fire calls and 586 were medical calls. PFD has seen an increase in Medical calls over the past several years capped off this year with 73 medical calls in December alone.

Fatal Structure Fire - Summit Road - On Dec 16th at approx 7am, PFD responded to a report of a structure fire on Summit Road. The report came in that a person had seen the smoke and upon attempting to alert the occupant he felt the front door was very hot. Car 11 and FM1 were first on scene and reported a working structure fire with a possible occupant trapped in the home. The First Due Engine #5 observed heavy smoke and flames coming out the front door. Firefighters simultaneously made entry into the front door and side of the home, while another team vented the structure by cutting a hole in the roof. Rescue 6, Squad 3, EMS 1, EMS 2 and Utility 1 also responded to the initial alarm. Command on scene ordered mutual aid response from Cheshire and Bethany Fire Departments to stage at the Prospect Fire House.

While fighting the blaze firefighters conducted simultaneous secondary searches and the occupant was located.  

In total 50 PFD firefighters / ems personnel responded to the call which lasted most of the day, while firefighters continued to put out hot spots. The Prospect Fire Marshall’s office assisted by the State Police Fire Marshall investigated the cause of the fire throughout the day.

While battling the blaze 1 firefighter was treated on scene for smoke inhalation, but was not transported to the hospital. See more pics here

1st Annual Bowling Tournament - Prospect VFD is holding its 1st Bowling Tournament. Sunday March 7th 2010 Lakewood Lanes at 3p 1st 2nd and 3rd Place team prizes, door prizes, free giveaways. 4 person team-$80 per team.(free shoe rentals) No limit on Fire Department Teams. Family and Friends may participate Please Call Prospect Fire Department 203-758-5445 between 9-2:30 M-F to register.

2 Car MVA / Rollover and Car Fire – On Dec 13, at approx 4am PFD responded to a 2 car MVA / Rollover with possible injuries on Scott Road. Upon arrival firefighters observed that 1 vehicle had rolled over and the second vehicle was sitting 150 ft down the road. Upon arrival at the second vehicle it was noted that smoke was coming from the interior and then reported that the vehicle had caught fire. Firefighters obtained a quick knockdown with on site fire extinguishers. See more pics here

2010 Officers Elected – Congratulations to all the newly elected line officers for 2010. Chief Charles “Marty” Lautenschlager Assistant Chief Robert Chatfield, Captain (Days) Jason Kolodziej, Captain (Nights) Robert Harvey, Lieutenant (Days) 1st Lt. Matt McKeown, 2nd Lt. John Vance, 3rd Lt. Bill Blakley, (Nights) 1st Lt. William Lauber, 2nd Shawn Lajoie, 3rd Lt. Mark Debiase, EMS Officer PJ Conway, Assistant EMS Officer Mike Gilbert and Safety Officer Raymond Donnelly.

Prospect CT A Heart Safe Community – In December Prospect was designated a Heartsafe Community by the State Department of Health and the American Heart Association. Thank you to all who helped make this possible including the Prospect Fire Department EMS certified personnel.

CAFÉ 68 Fire  – On November 23, 2009 PFD responded to Café 68 for a report of a structure fire at that location. Upon arrival there was heavy smoke coming from the Plaza that houses Café 68. At one point the smoke was so thick that the roads were not visible to responding units. Engine 5, Squad 3, EMS 1 and 2, Utility 1 all responded. The fire was contained in an oven and was quickly extinguished.

Graduation! – PFD recently had 2 classes of firefighters graduate from Fire Fighter Training. The most recent class called the “Prospect 6” had their graduation ceremony at the Prospect Firehouse. In attendance were their fellow Graduates from towns across the State, as well as the PFD Asst Chief, The Lead Instructors and Cadre from the Wolcott Fire School as well as family and friends were also in attendance for the ceremony.

Annual Christmas Party  – PFD recently held their annual Christmas Party where kids were able to meet Santa Claus at the firehouse.

MRT Medical Response Technician Certification Class Check back frequently, PFD will host another MRT certification class in the next few months. The dates will be posted once announced by the EMS Officer.

EMT Bridge Course – PFD will be hosting an EMT Bridge course after the MRT course. The dates of this will be announced by the EMS Officer at the time the MRT course is announced.

2010 FireFighters Ball – A reminder to members that the Firefighters Ball will be held on Feb 13th, 2010. Please sign up in the watchroom.

Important Message About Your Home! – PFD reminds all residents to clearly display your house number. House numbers need to be visible from the street for responding Fire / EMS units to quickly locate your home in the event you need us. Please keep in mind that we may be trying to find your home at night or during bad weather so the more visible the number is the quicker we can respond.

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